10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars On Road 2024

Having their own car is the dream of almost every family. Who doesn’t like exploring their favorite places and taking a ride in their own car? But buying a car in today’s world is a real challenge because its maintenance is often very high, not to mention the high fuel prices. We all know that fuel prices have reached the sky, which also makes it difficult for car manufacturers to come up with stylish and attractive models that are also fuel efficient at the same time. Gone are the days when people simply gave importance to the model and appearance of a car; They are now more interested in having a low maintenance car that is also fuel efficient. So, if you are looking for that perfect car for your family that won’t burn a lot of money in your pocket due to your fuel requirements, here is our exclusive list of the most fuel efficient cars on the road!

10. Chevrolet Sprint – 48 mpg combined



The 1986 Chevrolet Sprint, which you won’t see on the road today, is among the most fuel-efficient cars on the road in automotive history. This simple, compact family car isn’t as stylish as many other Chevrolet vehicles yet, but it’s an ideal choice for those who prefer to buy a fuel-efficient car rather than a stylish one. The Chevrolet Sprint is particularly popular for its impressive fuel efficiency; It can help you travel 44 miles across town on one gallon of fuel. Isn’t this quite cheap?

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9. Toyota Prius – 50 mpg combined


If you are looking for a fuel-efficient car for your family and its looks and style also matter to you just as much, then the Toyota Prius is definitely the perfect car for you! Toyota’s Prius, a model that is hugely popular in the United States for its unparalleled fuel efficiency, can help you travel around town for 51 miles per gallon. The car is not only low maintenance but is also quite light on the road since Toyota uses bio-plastic in manufacturing its body. The perfect combination of looks, elegance and fuel efficiency, the compact car is the perfect family car!

8. Toyota Prius C – 50 mpg combined


Another smart wonder from Toyota, the Toyota Prius C is one of the lightest and most fuel-efficient cars on the road that belongs to the Prius family. This ideal family vehicle is designed to take you around town for just 53 miles per gallon. Isn’t this a really smart deal? The cool, cool and compact car can now be used to drive around the city and go on a shopping spree in your favorite streets. This classic car is also designed for comfort and therefore can be an ideal purchase for family use.

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7. Ford Fusion Energi – 51 mpg combined


If you have a special fondness in your heart for Ford cars, then you definitely cannot miss this car! The new Ford Fusion Energi is a very stylish and carefully designed car by Ford for all those looking for a family car. This smart car gives you a mileage of 51 miles per gallon and 20 miles in electronic mode. When the car was first launched in the market, Ford claimed that it averaged 100 miles per gallon, but after receiving negative reviews from customers, the auto giant immediately corrected its claims and also introduced a number of innovations in the car, making it an ideal buy. !

6. Ford C-Max Energi – 51 mpg combined


The Ford C-mac Energi is another attractive and stylish car in the market that initially faced problems in the market due to its false fuel claims. However, this great compact family car remains among the most fuel efficient on the road, giving you an attractive average of 51 miles per gallon (combined) and 20 in electronic mode. The car has a compact design ideal for a family of four to five and is also available in rich colours. Moreover, Ford has also added the new smart features of SmartGauge and Intelligent Braking to the car.

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5. Honda Insight – 53 mpg combined


While five-seater family cars are the trend in the market, how about buying a two-seater compact car this year? If you are already looking for one, the Honda Insight is definitely an ideal choice! This stylish, stunning, compact car was designed by Honda to give you up to 70 miles per gallon on the highway which is a really good number. Moreover, the car has also been given a smart look and a stunning design that will turn heads on you!

4. Cadillac ELR – 54 mpg combined


Now this has become the perfect balance between looks, elegance and fuel efficiency for all those who want to become an icon with their smart choice among their circles. Yes, the stunning, exciting and beautiful Cadillac ELR is an ideal choice for almost every car owner in the world. The wonder is a complete joy to drive and can take you around town for 82 miles per gallon in fully electronic mode. Could you have asked for more?

3. Toyota Prius Plug – 58 mpg combined

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Toyota appears to be the world’s largest manufacturer of fuel-efficient cars with the third generation Toyota Prius Plug making the list. Prius Plus is Toyota’s smart family car with the smartest features and highest fuel efficiency of all previous generation Toyota vehicles. This amazing family car delivers 95 miles per gallon in fully electronic mode and 50 miles per gallon in combined mode. Now, isn’t that a smart choice?

2. Chevrolet Volt – 62 mpg combined


Chevrolet has long been known as one of the world’s greatest manufacturers of fuel-efficient vehicles. The company presents to you the all-new Chevrolet Volt, which is an amazing family car with its compact, elegant and attractive design. The car is a fully battery-electric vehicle that can give you the equivalent of 38 miles when relying solely on the electrical power of its battery. Once this battery is discharged, the car automatically switches to the combustion engine to power the electric generator. The Smart car can offer you a mileage of 62 miles per gallon in its fully electronic mode which is a commendable number. Isn’t this the perfect car you wanted?

1. BMW i3 REx – 88 mpg combined



The i3 Rex is a great car for anyone with an unjustified obsession with BMWs. This is what the ideal car for the next generation looks like. The BMW i3 REx, or Range Extender, is known for its two-cylinder engine and small gas tank that takes over when the car’s battery level drops to dangerously low levels. In its fully electronic mode, this smart and compact car can give you the equivalent of 88 miles per gallon while in gas mode it can give you 78 miles per gallon. If you’re driving in the city, this cool car can give you the equivalent of 97 miles per gallon while also grabbing people’s attention.

So which one are you planning to buy?

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