4 Ways to Pump Your Buttocks with a Pot and Bottle Stopper – . 2024

To smooth the buttocks and give them a delicious shape, you do not have to exhaust yourself with hours of exercises in the gym. You can pump your glutes right in the kitchen while preparing breakfast. This will require 15-20 minutes of free time and the simplest kitchen “tools”.

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Take a pot in your hands and spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Create resistance to the sides with your feet: You will also participate in the exercise. Focus on them.

Pull your pelvis back while keeping resistance between your feet. Place the bowl in front of you on the table and return to the starting position. On the next count, bring your pelvis back, reach the pan with your hands and stand up.

Do 3 circuits of 30 exercises.

Exercise 2

Stock: Cork bottle or other light object

Stand up straight with your right leg back, barely touching the floor with your thumb. The left leg is the supporting leg: bend it slightly at the knee. Place your left hand on your belt, and take a bottle cork or other light object in your right hand.

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Lean forward, trying to place the cork on the floor with your right hand. In the final position, do not place the object on the floor by 1-1.5 cm, straighten it and return to the starting position. Since deep bends may be unaccustomed to your muscles or raise your blood pressure, be guided by your own feelings. Adjust the tilt amplitude based on your comfort.

Thus, pumping each buttock, doing the exercise 20-30 times with each leg. Repeat 3 turns.

Exercise No. 3

Stock: Kitchen countertops

Place your elbows on the work surface, and pull your pelvis back. The loin is in a neutral position. Take your leg out to the side and return it to the starting position. Take 30 seconds on each side, then change legs.

Focus on the sensations in the gluteal muscles. Try to reach the maximum load.

Exercise 4

Stock: rolling pin

Take a rolling pin and place it on the ground. Place your left foot on it and roll it from toes to heel. Do not overdo the pressure: focus on 5 points out of 10. The effect should be gentle and comfortable, without pain. Roll each foot for two minutes.

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How does this exercise help build your glutes? In the human body there is fascia – connective tissue membranes that cover nerves, blood vessels and internal organs. Imagine a tangerine: the core is the muscle and the peel is the fascia. They pass within the entire system, and you also need to work with them.

Rolling your feet helps with this. During exercise, the fascia becomes elastic. The feet and glutes are tightly connected. Do you want to get tight and beautiful buttocks? Then don’t neglect your feet!

Simple kitchen utensils in skillful hands can turn into real sports equipment. One has only to show imagination and not postpone lessons until “next Monday”. There would simply be no reason to because everything you need to exercise is already there.

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