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Did you know that seniors may also qualify for additional financing possibilities when it comes to educational programs? Some financial aid programs treat anyone over 55 as a senior, while others consider people over 60 to be seniors.

Going back to school or learning a new skill is never too late. In fact, according to records from the National Center for Education Statistics, 41% of students who went to private, for-profit colleges in the fall of 2017 were 35 or older. Nearly 33% of those who attended a private, nonprofit school during the same time period were 35 or older.

With retirement comes the opportunity for a new passion, and earning an online degree could be your ticket to success. Today, universities around the world have unique degrees and certificates in fields such as wine tasting and flower arranging. Earning degrees in interesting fields can enable individuals to change their hobby into a lucrative business. Some universities may already offer free online classes for seniors.

Professional degree in interior design:

In this world-renowned course, you’ll learn the skills needed to design and maintain your own interior planning projects, whether for your own home or someone else’s. This free online course goes over everything you might typically associate with an interior designer, as well as some common design concepts and terminology. You will also be introduced to things like floor plans, sections, elevations, models, perspective drawings, individual style, and much more. This course is actually a complete overview of the entire interior design scene that will help you achieve all your design goals.

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Shaw Academy supports the idea of ​​making your way into the future, regardless of whether you are a senior! With so much to achieve later in life, that interior design degree could be the ticket to a new hobby or perhaps a new career. In general, in order to attend Shaw Academy, you must be able to pay approximately $70 per month. Although this interior design degree is among the few courses available for free on the site. It takes about 4 weeks to obtain this diploma, which provides you with the necessary materials to become a professional in interior design.

Science of mercy:

In this free online course for seniors, the biology of empathy can be unpacked, enabling you to learn about the systems of the physical body that allow you to be empathetic to others. Compassion manifests itself differently in the brain, nervous system, and heart, all of which are analyzed in this cycle. Also, course instructor Kelly McGonigal leads participants in the Heart Breathing for Compassion practice.

The older we get and the further we move through life, the more we understand the value of compassion for others. You simply can’t be sure of the things someone is actually going through, so making life as comfortable as possible and as compassionate as possible is the best thing you can do for them. Through this course from LinkedIn Learning, we are able to break down the complexities of empathy, by breaking down exactly the true biology of what empathy means. LinkedIn Learning is a paid-for learning platform, which generally includes a fee to unblock free online educational content. However, new users can get a free trial of the subscription for a month when they log in to the site, and a large number of students studying in a college or university can access the platform for free.

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Who could benefit more from social distancing than by attending private gym classes at home during the day? The supervisor of this tutorial, Adriene, has developed a global online community of over 7 million people watching her free yoga videos. It has over 500 free videos and the list is growing all the time, so there’s no limit to the variety.

edX courses:

You have the ability to select courses available in several options on the edX website. Choose to search by type, level, subject or school. There are many easy-to-find options for an art course. If you are looking for an art-related course, there are 150 arts and culture courses available, such as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and the 19th Century Orchestra from Harvard University, Modern Japanese Architecture from Tokyo Tech, or The Rise and Influence of the Superhero. On Popular Culture from the Smithsonian. In most cases, you will be able to watch a sample video of the course without any obligation to register for the course.


Coursera is an amazing online community that provides endless pages of free online courses for seniors to choose from. Most courses are offered and taught by well-known universities such as Yale, with so many available ensuring you never miss out on something that’s right for you! Some examples of course offerings include: Introduction to Classical Music and Wellness Science at Yale University, Introduction to Psychology at Yale University, and Race and Cultural Diversity in American Life and History at the University of Illinois.

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