Billionaire Properties No One Would Live In 2024

It is the dream of every middle class man on the planet to spend at least one day in a huge palace and live a king-sized life. No matter how impossible it may seem, we all dream of it! But, did you know that there are people on this earth who actually bought such huge mansions and dreams and later forgot about it? Believe it or not, but there is evidence of many luxurious homes, bungalows and palaces all over the world that belong to the super-rich but are in a state of disarray and collapse because they were not taken care of adequately!

Surely everyone who has ever visited London or read about the most posh and luxurious areas of the city knows Bishops Street. Bishops Street is located in the north-western part of London, near the Hampstead area, and is one of the most expensive streets in the world to buy property. Did that spark some excitement in you? Well, even though this is one of the most expensive streets, the houses here will leave you disappointed. A living embodiment of poor maintenance, this street is home to some of the world’s largest and most beautiful mega-mansions that are now shackled and dilapidated having never been maintained or cared for.

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But the prices of these properties will surprise you. Instead of the prices of these properties falling, their prices rose significantly. But their dirty appearance is now spoiling the beauty of the street as well as the surrounding areas.

The street includes about 66 empty mansions, six of which are almost dilapidated to pieces while others are beyond repair.

11. The Bishop of London owns the land



It is a huge, beautiful and elegant house located in Bishops Street and was owned by the Bishop of London in 704. The beautiful house is called the Royal Palace which is still beautiful and stands elegantly. The house was sold to the Church of England in 1894, and since then its ownership has passed through several hands. Currently, the beautiful mansion belongs to a 75-year-old billionaire named Houria Bayrma. He is reportedly currently planning $50 million worth of home renovations.

10. 16 out of 66 palaces are empty


Maybe you weren’t aware of this before and wondered why these huge mansions and elegant homes were left vacant by billionaires for years. But leaving properties vacant for years, especially mansions and large estates of this type, is actually beneficial to billionaires in several ways. If the owner leaves this property vacant for several years, he or she receives tax liens on it. In the UK, properties that have been left vacant or abandoned by owners for more than two years are eligible for a reduced renovation cost. If such a structure is later settled and newly built, VAT will never apply to the construction costs.

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9. Real estate values ​​increased by 11%


Bishops Street is known to be a noisy place, always full of traffic and crowded, which makes it a terrible place to stay. Most of the owners of the huge and beautiful mansions on this street do not actually reside in these houses even though they are meticulously maintained. However, real estate agents are of the opinion that once new, luxury apartments are built on this street, it will attract a whole new class of buyers and wealth will flow in. The street in northwest London is also expected to flourish. It becomes one of the richest regions in the world within two decades.

8. Current market price – $109.1 million


Although most of the huge mansions on Bishops Street were falling apart and in shackles, their prices were constantly rising rather than falling. The street was once called “Millionaire’s Row,” but real estate prices in this area have risen so much over the years that even the average millionaire cannot afford it. That’s why the street was nicknamed “Billionaire’s Row,” featuring mansions and massive estates with a current market price of $109.1 million. Prices are expected to rise further in the future.

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7. 10 Owned by the House of Saud


Billionaires have multiple properties in their name and most of them are purchased through investments. Obviously it is impossible for one to stay in all the houses as most of the mansions are left to rot and rot due to lack of maintenance. The photo clearly shows the poor condition of the beautiful palace which was once a well-equipped room. Although the house is falling apart, the walls are eroding due to humidity and the roof is falling, we can see the beautiful crystal chandelier hanging from the roof, still adding elegance to the room. The only things that are in good condition in the room are the chandelier and the luxurious curtains.

6. Horoscopes


The Towers is a beautiful mansion that was once very elegantly located on Bishops Avenue, the second most valuable street in London. The once elegant and magnificent structure is now in ruins. The roof of the palace had already fallen, and the inside and outside became alike with creepers, twigs, and limbs growing on them. In fact, a quick glance at this crumbling palace will give you the feeling that it is an abandoned building located in a secluded place like the desert.

5. Redcroft

Redcroft, as can be seen in the photo, is a dilapidated mansion that is falling apart and can no longer be repaired. However, this massive structure was once known for hosting lavish pool parties for the rich and billionaires. Given its current condition, the palace would require leveling and rebuilding if it was to host such elegant and lavish parties for the wealthy again.

4. Georgians

The Georgians is another huge mansion located on Bishops Avenue in London that was once an elegant and beautiful building, now left to rot by its owner. The structure was owned by the royal family of Saudi Arabia when it stood gracefully and elegantly. But the picture depicts the poor condition of the palace at the present time. The curtains, once a symbol of wealth and adornment, now rot under the sun as the roof slowly collapses one by one. Anil Varma, a well-known real estate developer, refers to these mansions as “the most expensive wastelands in the world.”

3. Renovation of the health hall in the market – $168 million

The Health Hall, as of the last listing, is one of the most expensive buildings on Bishops Street. The palace was originally built for sugar magnates Tate and Lyell, and later became owned by the Bank of China. Since then, she has been abandoned and left in despair. Later, the house was sold to Andreas Panayiotou who also renovated it. Currently, the house’s price tag is $168 million, which is the highest on the UK real estate market. The large and elegant mansion contains more than six reception rooms, 14 bedrooms, a wine cellar, a panic room and a cinema.

2. International owners


The large, elegant mansions on prestigious Bishop’s Road have international owners. These billionaires own multiple properties all over the world. When you have abundant properties, it is not possible to maintain them all well which has now led to the miserable condition of these palaces. Although these buildings have been neglected by their owners for years, they still make a lot of money.

1. Bishop Street Other Properties



Amidst the huge abandoned mansions falling to pieces on Bishops Street, here is a perfect example of what a billionaire’s mansion should look like. This magnificent, sophisticated and elegant structure is the royal palace owned by Houriya Bayramah. The house, which embodies beauty, has been transformed into a contemporary mansion by its owner. Surely, this is a palace we would all love to see in person, right?

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