Does car insurance cover tire damage? 2024

The majority of us, except for the lucky few, have probably experienced a damaged tire – a blowout, a flat tire, or a misshapen tire after an accident. In any of these circumstances, you may have asked yourself, “Will my car and truck insurance cover this?” Depending on this situation, your car insurance may cover tire damage. Our team of insurance policy staff shares exactly how and whether your insurance policy will cause tire damage in a range of circumstances.

Does your insurance policy cover discount tires?

There’s a common misconception that car insurance coverage will only cover a specific number of low-profile tires, but we’re here to debunk that information. If your tires are downgraded as a result of criminal damage and you had comprehensive protection on your insurance coverage before the tire damage occurred, you may be covered.

If one, two, or all four tires are downed in an act of vandalism, your comprehensive coverage will likely apply and those tires could be covered by your insurance. However, there is one very important detail that can make a big difference – the loss (damages) will certainly need to be higher than the deductible for the insurance policy to cover the damages.

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Claim that you have a $500 insurance deductible on your comprehensive insurance coverage. If you have two tires downgraded as a result of vandalism and the tire repair cost is $250, our insurance will not cover this cost since it is less than your insurance deductible.

However, if your tire damage is greater than your deductible, you may want to file a claim with your auto insurance policy in addition to paying your insurance deductible so that the insurance policy covers the ongoing costs of tire repair services.

Are tires covered by your insurance policy in the event of an unfortunate accident?

Vehicle accidents are stressful, and wondering what your car insurance policy will or won’t cover is just one more extra layer of stress that you don’t need. If your cars and truck tires are damaged after an unfortunate accident, you’ll be relieved to know that if you bring collision insurance coverage – you’re likely covered.

Collision protection in an auto insurance policy is a loss resulting from a collision or collision with another vehicle, as well as a collision with an inanimate object such as a tree, house, or pole. It’s there to help insure you, as well as your cars and trucks, in the event of an unfortunate accident.

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So, when you’re involved in an unfortunate accident that damages your tires and you have collision protection, those repairs may be covered by your car insurance provider – after you pay your deductible.

Does insurance cover perforations?

If you’ve ever had a typical piercing, you might have thought to yourself, “That’s great, my insurance will cover it!”

And then the exact opposite happens. This is because unless damage to your tires occurs as a result of an unfortunate accident or scenario that falls within comprehensive insurance coverage, your car insurance coverage will not cover damage to your tires.

We know it can feel deflating (pun intended) but we want you to understand exactly how your insurance policy applies in certain tire damage circumstances. So when you encounter a level, it may be best to call a tow or a regional tire shop for installation.

But what about tire damage caused by potholes?

Since car insurance coverage is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, protection may look different across providers. Referring to your policy and also asking questions to your auto insurance company regarding tire damage related to flats, debris, etc. are best practices to keep in mind.

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Car insurance policy against tire damage

Having the right vehicle insurance protection can help in certain driving situations that include tire damage. Car and truck accidents or incidents such as criminal damage are situations where Breakdown and Comprehensive Protection may help cover repair services.

As always, if you have concerns about your current coverage or are preparing to make changes to your policy, contact your insurance company. Being prepared when traveling starts with insurance coverage that keeps you, your cars and trucks in mind.

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