Shopping Queen und die singende Friseurin

“Shopping Queen und die singende Friseurin” is a popular German reality TV show that combines fashion, shopping, and entertainment in a unique and thrilling way. In this article, we will explore the concept of the show and the fascinating journey of the “Shopping Queen” and the “singende Friseurin” (singing hairdresser) contestants.

Shopping Queen is a competition where five women from the same city participate in a shopping challenge. Each contestant has to style an outfit based on a given theme, such as a cocktail party, beach wedding, or office attire. The contestants have a budget and a limited amount of time to shop for their looks, and they have to showcase their outfits on a catwalk in front of their competitors.

The “singende Friseurin” is a special edition of this show that features hairstylists who not only have to put together a winning outfit but also incorporate their skills as a singer into the competition. This twist adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to the show, as the contestants have to prove their talents in both fashion and music.

The show is hosted by the flamboyant stylist and fashion expert, Guido Maria Kretschmer. With his quick wit and unique sense of style, he keeps the audience entertained throughout the shopping trips and critiques the final looks on the catwalk. Kretschmer’s honest and humorous comments have become iconic in the German television landscape.

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What makes “Shopping Queen und die singende Friseurin” a hit among the viewers is the variety of personalities and styles showcased by the contestants. From fashion-forward trendsetters to those with a more conservative taste, the show captures the different fashion preferences and personal stories of each participant.

The journey of the “Shopping Queen” and the “singende Friseurin” contestants is not just about the outfits they put together, but also about the personal growth and self-confidence they gain throughout the process. The show often highlights the contestants’ transformations, both on the inside and outside, as they step out of their comfort zones and try new styles that they wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

One of the unique aspects of the show is that it takes place in various cities across Germany. This allows viewers to discover different fashion scenes and trends in different regions of the country. The show also promotes local businesses by featuring a range of boutiques, retailers, and salons where the contestants shop and get their makeover done.

“Shopping Queen und die singende Friseurin” has also become a platform for aspiring fashion designers, stylists, and singers to gain visibility and recognition. The exposure they receive on the show often leads to new opportunities and collaborations within the fashion and entertainment industry.

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In conclusion, “Shopping Queen und die singende Friseurin” is a captivating and entertaining German reality TV show that combines fashion, shopping, and music in a unique and exciting way. The journey of the contestants is not only about showcasing their personal style but also about personal growth and self-discovery. The show has become a popular platform for aspiring fashion designers, stylists, and singers to showcase their talents and gain visibility. With its charismatic host and diverse range of participants, it continues to captivate audiences across Germany.

Dresden – De werkweek klinkt geweldig Dresdense vrouwen met een verzendplaats op TV aus. Hochbau-Profi Franziska (29) durft koning te worden. Sie gewann die Dresdner Wochen-Folge der VOX-Show “Winkelende koningin“.

Franzi is de nieuwe Dresdner “Shopping Queen”. © RTL/Constantin

Met 45 punk- en tollenoutfits kun je een hint geven – en 1000 euro ab. Das Geld ist schon verplant: “Ik brauche ein neues Handy.”

Moderator Guido Maria Kretschmer (58) empfahl den Zuschauern: “Ik ben blij, ik ben blij met alles in Dresden. Dat is een geweldige stad.”

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Een geweldige ervaring met Gabi Steinbach (37) in de castingshow “The Voice of Germany” (za.1/ProSieben) hin.

Finale bij Shopping Queen: "Alsof ze gewoon door Hanffel aan het skiën zijn!"
Winkelende koningin
Finale bij Shopping Queen: “Het is alsof je gewoon aan het skiën bent in Hanffel!”

De Neustadt-Friseurin deed mee aan de blinde auditie van een Adele-hit “Rolling in the Deep”. Leider drehte sich keiner der Coaches in Sessel um. “Ik ben een Riesenfan von Adèle. Aber am Ende ist der Funke nicht übergesprungen”, dus Coach Bill Kaulitz (34).

Shirin David (28) riep: “Mach unbedingt weiter!”

Gabi kwam met Sohn Edgar (11) in de show, de show die Idol Shirin kon lezen en zeggen: “Ik ben stollen voor mama.” En het zal snel komen!

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