TOP 10 Best Paying Jobs in the World 2024

Are you looking for a new career path? Are you interested in starting over and pursuing a new job title? Maybe you’re just curious to know what other jobs pay across the country? No matter your interest level or type of job you have or want, here is a list of the 10 best paying jobs in the world. It spreads across many industries and gives you a real insight into what’s on offer out there and what types of possibilities exist, if you’re interested in a potential career change.

10. Software developer


A software developer has one of the highest average salaries on the list outside of the medical field, although they earn a slightly higher amount than some other industries. The national average for this position is $86,000. A person starting out in their career will likely earn a starting salary of around $55,000. The maximum salary depends on several factors, ranging from company, experience to location. The national average salary cap is $125,000, although it is possible to earn much more. Bloomberg pays senior software developers $179,000, while Oracle pays $173,000. It just depends on where someone works.

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9. Air traffic controller

An FAA qualified air traffic controller has an average salary of $138,871. Now, it varies by location. Naturally, larger airports with more inbound and outbound flights require more attention, which in turn increases the average salary. Those just starting out in this field can expect a salary of around $51,000, while it can be as high as nearly $200,000. It’s a very stressful job, and hundreds of thousands of lives are in the hands of these people every day. Of all the professionals on this list, more people’s lives depend on a quality air traffic controller than anyone else.

8. Sales manager

Now, this choice can vary. A sales manager at some retail outlets may earn much less than other positions for different companies. There are many variables associated with it. The average salary is very different (and much lower) than for an air traffic controller position. With a national average of about $71,000, it’s a good amount, but about half that of an air traffic controller, with more range. A typical sales manager and traffic controller may top out at about $146,000. However, this position takes the nod as there is potential to earn significantly more. In the right company, there are no limits, especially if the job is commission-based. This is why it takes a higher rating than the previous pick.

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7. Financial Director

A CFO falls into the same basic category as a sales manager. The national average is lower than an air traffic controller, but they can earn many times over. The national average is $103,500 for the coming year. Someone just starting out in this field can expect to earn $76,000. The typical maximum is around $133,000, but again, depending on the company and the maximum commissions, the CFO can continue to make more and more.

6. Petroleum engineer salaries


These oil-based engineers enjoy an excellent entry-level income of about $86,000. This is one of the highest entry-level salaries in the industry (for example, Chevron pays an entry level of $90,000 for petroleum engineers while BP starts at $94,000). The national average salary for petroleum engineers is $109,620, the highest earning amount, while again it varies with the national average being $150,000. When looking at specific companies, BP has a higher average of $208,000, while Exxon Mobil pays $216,000 toward the salary cap.

5. Airline pilots

The starting salary for an airline pilot is about $46,000. These pilots tend to fly smaller passenger routes while earning flying hours. As they upgrade to larger passenger aircraft, their salaries grow with them. The national average for airline pilots is about $121,914 for the upcoming year. Although the maximum increases significantly, although this depends on the airline. Delta outperforms its pilots by about $215,000 while United leads by about $250,000. There are different variables, but an experienced airline pilot can earn a significant amount of money.

4. Architectural and engineering managers

These professionals can range significantly in terms of final salary. The average median salary for both fields is $118,600, and most start around $86,000. Now, this is just salary and not based on bonus or benefits. Many of these individuals receive significant bonuses when work is completed on time or under budget. Before including all of these additional items, the top earners in this field earn more than $170,000. As for bonuses, the average salary can then jump to around $120,000, although that depends on where the person works.

3. Dentist

The top three spots on this list are related to the medical field. It usually requires more education and field experience than other positions, although each field on this list requires very specific educational degrees. As for a dentist, the average wage for a dentist is $133,780. She has one of the highest entry-level salaries of anyone at $102,000. Now, as for the salary cap, in this area it can vary greatly. If someone owns their own practice, there is really no limit. The national average for the maximum profit amount is $173,000, although there are many variables and factors at play here, it can be much higher.

2. Surgeons

These two top positions, far and away, have higher salaries across the board than everyone else. The national average salary for a surgeon is $355,800 through next year. These doctors are just starting out with surgeons making $250,900 while the best earning surgeons make just under $500,000. Of course, there are specialty surgeons who are in greater demand and can earn more than $1 million, although this varies. Location has more to do with this than anything else.

1. Anesthesiologists


The top position is the anesthesiologist. These individuals may not be performing the actual surgery, but they have to take into account all kinds of factors when creating the combination of medications designed to put people through surgery during surgery. However, the median average is actually lower than that of surgeons at $351,300. However, the starting salary is higher than a surgeon’s salary of $261,600. In terms of top dollar, this will vary more than almost any other medical position. It depends on where the person works and the type of medical facility or practice. Anesthesiologists do not typically run their own practices, but high-quality specialists are in high demand and work in a variety of medical settings. The standard, top of the line is about $450,000, but there are fewer anesthesiologists than surgeons, and someone who is in high demand can fetch a significant amount more than the actual surgeon. Keep in mind that insurance is much higher in the medical field, and this is one of the main reasons why salaries are so much higher.

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