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The University of Saskatchewan is a public research institution located in the heart of Saskatoon, Canada. It is one of the top research universities in Canada and a member of the U15 group of Canadian research universities.

The university is known for its interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to tackling some of the biggest global issues of our time such as energy sustainability, infectious diseases, food security and water. Furthermore, the university offers a full range of programs at undergraduate as well as postgraduate level.

The University of Saskatchewan Scholarship Program recognizes both academic achievement and personal achievement, so candidates who apply to a program at the University of Saskatchewan receive the award or scholarship they are entitled to, based on their academic record.


  • Applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements for the program and scholarship for which they are applying.
  • Meet program requirements.
  • Meet the language requirements.
  • You must be accepted into an undergraduate program at the university.

Scholarship Worth:

– For the Guaranteed Admission Scholarship: Awards are based on the applicant’s admission average:

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  • If their best average is 95%+: $3,000
  • If their best average is 93% to 94.9%: $2,000
  • If their best average is 90% to 92.9%: $1,000
  • If their best average is 85% to 89.9%: $500

-For the Best and Brightest Scholarships: Awards are based on academics, leadership, and contribution to community and school life. There are five prizes:

  • Best and Brightest Admissions Scholarship: $10,000 per year over four years.
  • Advisor Grants: $7,500 annually over four years.
  • S University Admission Scholarship: $6,000 per year for four years.
  • Edwards Undergraduate Scholarship: $6,000 per year over four years.
  • College of Agriculture and Renewable Bioresources Entrance Scholarship: $3,000 per year for four years.

For the International Student Awards there are four awards:

  • University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards: $10,000.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Excellence Awards: US$20,000.
  • Canadian Curriculum Schools Awards: $15,000.
  • Council of International Schools Awards: $15,000.

How to apply:

In order to apply for this scholarship, the first thing you need to do is submit an application for admission and pay the application fee to ensure that your transcripts and other admission documents have been submitted for admission.

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Once this is done, candidates will receive an email containing a new login ID and temporary password that they can use to access the PAWS web portal through which they can apply for the award they want.

Delivery time:

  • Best and Brightest Entrance Scholarships: December 15.
  • Competitive entry prizes: March 1.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Awards: February 15.
  • International Student Awards: February 15.
  • Transportation Awards: May 1.


You can apply for the University of Saskatchewan scholarship here:

For more details, see the official University of Saskatchewan Scholarships website:

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