Which Disasters Are Covered by Home Insurance? 2024

Natural disasters can damage or completely destroy a home. Homeowner’s insurance coverage provides economic security against covered problems for your home as well as individual property, as well as liability for injuries to others in specific situations. There is no residence insurance policy that covers all natural disasters. It’s important to understand what type of plan you have and what disasters it covers.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

A combined home insurance plan covers a series of catastrophes:


One of the most common types of insurance coverage for homeowners is an HO-1 policy, which limits protection for the home itself and its attached appliances and structures, for damage caused by:

  • fire
  • Lightning
  • Hurricanes and hail storms
  • Airplanes or cars
  • smoking
  • Criminal damage
  • theft
  • Volcanic eruptions


HO-2 plans, called broad-type property owners insurance, cover personal belongings, in addition to everything covered by HO-1 policies. Besides the risks detailed above, HO-2 plans generally cover:

  • Dropping things
  • The weight of snow, ice, or sleet
  • Accidental discharge or overflow of water or heavy steam from pipes, home heating, air conditioning, automatic fire sprinkler, or household appliances
  • Pipe cooling, home heating, air conditioning, home appliances or automatic sprinkler for fire protection
  • Sudden misuse, splitting, protruding or burning of steam or warm water heating systems, air conditioning systems or automatic fire defense systems
  • Sudden and unintended damage from artificially generated electrical current


HO-3 is one of the most traditional types of homeowners insurance. This type of policy covers everything that an HO-2 plan covers, plus additional living expenses as well as clinical adjustments, as well as some liability protection. These are usually open risk plans. This means that the housing structure is covered for any type of damage, other than the exceptions mentioned in the plan. Typically, only personal property is covered for named perils with an HO-3 policy.

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What disasters are not covered by home insurance?

There are a few natural disasters that are not covered by homeowners insurance, and they include the following:

  • Floods: All types of homeowners insurance ignore flood protection. If you live in a disaster area, you can get separate flood insurance coverage through a representative, or the National Flood Insurance Coverage Program (NFIP). The cost of flood insurance coverage varies from state to state and depending on how high your flood risk is depending on where you live.
  • Earthquakes: Like floods, earthquakes are not covered under homeowners insurance coverage. However, many insurance companies offer an earthquake endorsement that you can contribute to your plan for an additional cost. Residences in nearly half of the states in the United States are at risk of earthquake damage.
  • tsunami: These giant waves are usually caused by volcanic eruptions or undersea earthquakes. Although a tsunami is not a covered peril under homeowners’ plans, flood insurance coverage can cover the damage it causes.
  • Nuclear event: A nuclear event or surge can damage your home. Nuclear plants are required to provide liability coverage to protect the public in the event of damage or injury to residential property.

Your residence is just one of your largest economic investments. It is important to have the best homeowners insurance coverage to protect this investment. Our friendly agent will enjoy helping ensure you get the protection you need.

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